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Can the world find your business online? Would you like to gain that competitive edge? Whether you have yet to take your business on the web, or if you are looking to improve your existing business, Azentec provides the most defined marketing strategies to make your company triumphant. We harness the power of today’s most modern technologies to help your corporation soar.


gray arrowE-commerce

Why do we shop? The answer is complex, and becomes even more so when we mull over why we shop online. Research into the psychology of online shopping reveals the significance of providing the right oc


gray arrowIntranet/Extranet

What is a good way to save your company time and money? How do you streamline communication and share content with your company's personnel and/or client base? The answer is intranet/extranet.

Content Management

gray arrowContent Management

Save time and money in updating your online presence, with a custom website content management system. The software can enable the content creators in your organization to update the site themselves w

Flash Animation

gray arrowFlash Animation

The use of animation and video can inspire and connect your target audience. Animation can be used to catch the eye, provide visual detailed information on how something works and allows the audience

Complete Web Redesign

gray arrowComplete Web Redesign

Do you know if your website is costing you potential clients? Have your new website save you money, improve communications, and give you the image your customers expect.

GUI Analysis

gray arrowGUI Analysis

The most important component of a Graphical User Interface application is the user. If the application is too difficult to navigate or understand, the users will reject it, support and training costs

Web Application

gray arrowWeb Application

Shrink-wrapped solutions often include exceptional features and offer value for money. Organizations increasingly discover that a chic, tailored software strategy can yield superior efficiency and all

Web Hosting

gray arrowWeb Hosting

Azentec provides reliable web hosting solutions for your entire web hosting needs. The packages listed are based on shared environments – we also offer collocation and dedicated servers for orga

Web Maintenance

gray arrowWeb Maintenance

Website maintenance services by third party can significantly shrink your costs by eliminating the call to hire full time website design professionals or web content programmers. We can help you under


gray arrowCAD

Drawing is the language of designers and engineers. In order to speed up the flow of this language, the computer aided drawing (CAD) programs have been developed. Gone are the days of using the drawin