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Having the most brilliantly creative ad in your market doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see results. In order to be successful, you'll have to make sure it's in the right place. In a media marketplace with an almost unlimited choice of options, making the most of your marketing budget is as vital as, finding the right place, the right way to advertise, as it is about hard negotiation.


Our planning process is straightforward.

Media Brief
The start of any planning process begins with the examination of our client’s business. Followed by a thorough briefing session with our client, helping to facilitate a better understanding of the nature of our client’s trade. As we accomplish this goal we will turn to developing a more thorough marketing strategy for our clients needs.

Competitive Analysis
Part of working out the best way to expend and apportion a marketing budget is analyzing closely what the competition is doing. Our personalized analysis looks at when, where and (more significantly) why your competitors are advertising. This feeds into our marketing recommendations.

Target Audience Segmentation
Advertising sole concern is reaching the people who are in the market to buy your specific products. By looking in great detail about the kind of customers that buy your products, we can then begin to understand the best ways in which we can verbalize to them, and determine effective persuasion methods.

Channel Planning
Some of the principal decisions we make are in the field of Channel Planning. Do we spend the entire budget on radio? Or do we stick to magazines? What are the merits of switching half of our budget to TV advertising? How do I allocate money to online advertising? Our Channel Planning process will help you to decide, and to maximize the standout achieved with your marketing budget.

Intra-channel Planning
With a finite budget to spend within a medium (eg. Magazines) which are the best titles to choose? What size of advertisement will mean the most people are exposed to my advertising? Our custom-tailored process provides research based data to justify these decisions.