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Azentec’s commerce performance managing services allow organizations to gain control over their site’s performance through pertinent, timely information with tools that measure every aspect of each Web-based application's performance. Our measurement and analysis service helps improve user acquisition, retention, and conversion by personalizing content for every user.


  1. Complete measurement and analysis isn’t about more reports. It’s about escalating conversion rates, specializing marketing campaigns and improving web site ROI. It’s about having the complete picture of your business results. We are the only solution that delivers complete and accurate analysis across all your web initiatives.
  2. In order to get the maximum return from your marketing expenditures, you need the complete view into which campaigns are successful and which ones aren't. From email promotions and online advertising to affiliates and associate programs, Azentec allows you to bore down through your full operational hierarchy with thorough analysis of response rates and campaign conversion metrics.
  3. Search engine rankings, pay-per-click, bid management, ad-words, key-words, and paid inclusion are all part of improving search engines results, as it is a complicated science. Azentec makes it easier to recognize how to best invest your time and money on optimization, by allowing you to distinguish between organic and paid search results. We help your organization drill down into the measurement and analysis of search engine optimization, by helping integrate your pay-per-click cost data by means of web site statistics for complete ROI analysis.
  4. The achievement of your web site as an effective sales and marketing channel hinges on having insight into four central areas: your merchandising blend, your online shopping and checkout processes, your product descriptions and your sales promotions. Azentec maximizes the prosperity of your product assortment by understanding which yield are in highest demand and where exactly your clients need the most understanding.
  5. Last but not least…the furtive to retaining new customers and building customer loyalty is segmentation. Different segments of visitors have different goals, preferences and buying practices. With Azentec you can harness the power of a relational database and create sophisticated segmentation rules to uncover your most important customer segments, analyze their preferences and measure the right messages and offers. You'll be satisfying your customer needs while adding to your bottom line.