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Identifying, understanding, and analyzing your competition are central for strategy development and the long-term practicalities of your IT commerce’s success. Our analysis of IT strategies, can lead to identifying ways of positioning yourself in the marketplace to effectively compete.


  1. A competitive advantage is based on what a company does better than its competitors. At Azentec, we understand that effective IT strategies involve unique characteristics that companies must develop in order to outperform its rivals. Our competitive advantage can be consequential from a mixture of sources. It may involve special IT structural bends and functionalities that your company could possess, that are not held as a norm by your competitors. It may also involve lowering marketing costs with the use of our development and analysis programs, causing your costs to be below those of your rivals as a competitive advantage.
  2. Azentec’s IT business strategy determines how you will achieve the long term goals of your company. In other words, when you know where you are going, your strategy defines which paths you will take to achieve your goals. Strategy is important for the long term viability of your IT expanded business.
  3. Understanding the factors behind the success or failure of an IT structured business is important. The distinction between success or failure has not only financial implications, but also a considerable psychological impact on its founders, members and investors. At Azentec, we assist you in understanding the proper way to position yourself as a worthy competitor in the online marketplace, adding technology as a weapon against failure. Our IT strategy and analysis can be of great benefit to anyone involved in starting or operating a conventionally structured business.

As the online market place is becoming increasingly complex, companies understand that for IT solutions to be successfully integrated into your business, they need to be properly managed. Azentec has been a leader in providing top notch organizations with IT management solutions that ensure project success and allow you to focus on your business, not on IT.