GuiGUI Analysis

The most important component of a Graphical User Interface application is the user. If the application is too difficult to navigate or understand, the users will reject it, support and training costs will skyrocket, programmers will get discouraged, and maintenance will be a nightmare.


GUI applications must be designed to effectively meet today's demanding business needs.

We are capable of designing graphic user interfaces for the Internet, Extranets and Intranets. Our GUI designs are user centric and task oriented. This ensures the flow and speed of human response, allows ease of navigation through integrated applications and ensures that application forms & reports effectively communicate information to the user.

Here is a synopsis of our process when performing a GUI analysis:

  • Conduct comprehensive interface and usability reviews of web-sites and web applications
  • Gather user requirements and perform user and task analysis
  • Design the appropriate user interface for applications and web-sites
  • Design Internet, Extranets, and Intranet Sites and pages
  • Develop interface design guides to aid developers
  • Migrate from mainframes, DOS, or Windows to today's interface styles
  • Define and document product interface specifications
  • Test Design and products with user

The benefits of a GUI analysis include of, but are not limited to:

  • Increase end user productivity by developing usable web applications.
  • Increase developer efficiency by using agile development techniques.
  • Increase revenue by using processes for modeling complex web applications.
  • Reduce training and support cost