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Azentec is a provider of email marketing software/ASP solutions and services. Companies use our advanced email marketing software to generate and dispense highly-targeted email marketing campaigns to their subscriber and client databases. To learn why email marketing professionals are increasingly choosing Azentec over other email marketing vendors, schedule a demo of our application, or browse our features below.


Azentec empowers companies with leading-edge email marketing technology solutions. Easy to use technology, unparalleled tracking options, and secure/reliable infrastructure are our hallmarks and the focus of our continued email technology product development. Azentec’s application provides an extensive feature set that meets the needs of both experienced direct marketers and those new to email marketing, including:

  • Detailed/Real-Time Reporting
  • Individual Tracking/Profiling
  • Filter-Based Reports
  • Bounces, Unsubscribers, and Spam Complaints
  • List-Based Reports (Subscribes/Unsubscribers)
  • Activity- & Event-Based Segmentation Filters
  • Profile-Based Segmentation Filters
  • Email Merge/Personalization
  • Dynamic Message Assembly
  • Unlimited Customizable Data Fields
  • List Upload Control (Replace/Append)
  • Automatic Unsubscribe Confirmation Message
  • Reply/Unsubscribe Handling
  • List Access Controls
  • Workflow Task Management
  • Dynamic Content
  • Template Message Creation System
  • Free HTML Templates
  • Spam Content Checker
  • HTML/Plain Text Formats (Multipart)
  • Content Library