ecommerceDefinitive e-Commerce Development

Why do we shop? The answer is complex, and becomes even more so when we mull over why we shop online. Research into the psychology of online shopping reveals the significance of providing the right occurrence for customers. But first, and maybe more significantly, you must identify with your consumers.


A full range of ecommerce services to drive success every time.

eCommerce Catalogs

Our eCommerce catalogs are typically comprised of product catalogs, shopping carts, payment systems and the optional special features to help you manage: catalog content management system, inventories, dashboards to measure sales, conversion ratios, item popularity, feature special offers, clearance items and even seasonal items.

Real-time Credit Authorization

Give the capability to your clients to pay for your services at their own convenience – from home, work, late at night, first thing in the morning. It’s the equivalent to having a cashier at your store front 24/7, at a reduced cost.

Shipment Tracking & Pricing

You can configure your online stores to get real-time shipping rates and services from major carriers, thereby letting customers see actual shipping rates in the initial shopping cart screen. Address Validation options are also available, which check the consistency of shipping addresses entered by customers.

Product Configurators

Do you have thousands of product options? How about front line employees that have varying levels of product knowledge? This can lead to order entry errors, costly credit notes and unhappy customers. Are pricing rules inconsistently applied? Does engineering have to get involved in routine sales? If so, we can help you.

The system lets customers, engineers, salespeople, customers, and dealers recommend solutions, configure complex products and automate pricing, costing and commission calculations. You can produce detailed quotations and instantly create bills of material and routings for each order.

Request For Quote

Perhaps you produce custom products that are difficult to price and sell online. If so, an online request for quote system could offer great benefits to you. With an online RFQ, you capture the buyer's attention and encourage their response. Plus, you receive valuable information that can put you one step ahead in the quoting process. Top Floor Technologies offers a variety of online RFQ systems, from simple forms to powerful product configuration systems.