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Our client had no experience with software development before it came to Azentec. They had various doubts about project management, communication procedures, and web strategies.

The Challenge

Our client has developed a platform for Financial Relationship Management, which streamlines financial transactions, reduces costs, and improves customer service. It focuses on handling invoices, reconciliation, disputes, reports, and payments, typically executed manually via paper and phone calls. There FRM requires regular enhancements and customizations for new clients. Their main concern was to keep this development cost to a minimum without compromising on quality.

How We Helped

Azentec quickly put a team of 3 highly skilled and experienced architects, software developers, and web designers under the management of a professional and experienced manager.

Lessons Learned

Azentec learned that quicker releases with all required features helped our client to win significant number of new clients. We learned that fast turn-around to critical customer requests is extremely important.

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Management Computer Systems

Management Computer Systems (MCS) has been providing software solutions to Retail, Foodservice and Specialty food brokers since 1975. We are a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider and our staff of fully trained professionals is supported 100% by Microsoft. We currently have installed solutions in many of the largest food brokers, manufacturers, retail chains and distributors in the country.

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